87 wrong notes

A blog of acceptance.

Hi, I’m Westley and I will be sharing my story of growing up and coming out in this blog. Stories of acceptance from others and acceptance of self where no matter what, I always seem to find the joy. I hope you enjoy my stories!

Sorry Mom

I grew up in Westwego, LA. Westwego is about a ten-minute drive from New Orleans. New Orleans is on the Eastbank of the Mississippi River, and Westwego is on the Westbank. Where I was raised was walking distance from canals, swamps, bayous, and lakes, and as a kid, I spent countless hours in and by …

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Practicing Gratitude

When was the last time you practiced gratitude? I’ll wait… Most of the time, when we speak about practicing gratitude, we think about being grateful for things other than ourselves. Yes, that is great! We should be thankful for the people and things we have in our lives. I think it is vital to tell …

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