87 wrong notes

A blog of acceptance.

Hi, I’m Westley and I will be sharing my story of growing up and coming out in this blog. Stories of acceptance from others and acceptance of self where no matter what, I always seem to find the joy. I hope you enjoy my stories!

First Day of School

I know a lot of people went to preschool; well, I didn’t. I turned 5-years-old on March 14, 1989, and in August I went to kindergarten. It’s funny how some memories are so vivid and others are so vague. My memories of going to my first day of kindergarten are very vivid. I remember my …

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I always knew I was different. I knew I wasn’t like all the other boys—or girls at that matter. But, I never thought of myself as special, talented, or unique until later in my life. If you had asked me if I thought I was special when I was in the 8th-grade, I would have …

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